Luna serena

I need carnations I want them tattoed and I want them on the dinner table, of all sorts of colors.

at least the sky
doesn’t take my love
for granted


Watermelon for breakfast!
3 kilos = 900 kcal


Watermelon for breakfast!

3 kilos = 900 kcal

I have to stay late at work tomorrow, I have to bake six dozen cookies. 56 extra bagels on top of the 30 trays I already have to bake. Have all the wholesale accounts I have to separate wrap and package. And all have to be done in less than a 5 hour time frame.
I use to look forward to baking :l
Now I question why I even liked it in the first place.
Oh how things change.

Yaquina Head is the home of the tallest lighthouse that there is in Oregon. It started guiding ships and was first lit on August 20, 1873.

That lighthouse has the same important day as myself but is 130 years wiser.


The nice thing about the concept of parallel universes is the idea that there are a few versions of me that are happier with their lifes…

My back gave out for like three hours today..
I was just there. I couldn’t get up I couldn’t move. I couldn’t turn I was just there.

I didn’t think I could feel any more helpless than I have these past couple of days. But I think this curse of whatever is on me decided to remind me that it’s still here. And it spit in my face.. As it turns out I can feel more helpless.
Go figure.